Pumpkin Party on October 4th Farmers’ Market

As part of our “Eat Local, Buy Local” beliefs we are having a PUMPKIN PARTY on October 4th.   This will be our last festival of the year!

 To celebrate this event we will host 3 competitions:


Pumpkins1st Contest!  We are looking for the best culinary dishes, sauces, dips and more, all made out of  PUMPKINS

There will be prizes given out for:  1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place.  1st place will win $100.00 Prize money!

The rules are as follows.

  1. The entries main ingredient must be made out of Pumpkins.
  2. The entry must be made solely by you.
  3. The Pumpkins MUST be bought at a local farm or farmers market, grown by you or someone local (neighbor, family etc). NO STORE BOUGHT, IMPORTED PRODUCTS Allowed. BONUS POINTS IF PUMPKINS WERE BOUGHT AT OUR MARKET!!

Each entry must be registered and a $5.00 Registration fee paid.

You can request a registration form by going to our registration page.


2ND COMPETITION is for the Largest pumpkin grown. Simply bring your largest pumpkin to market to be weighted and you could walk away with $100.00 prize money.


3rd COMPETITION is for the best carved pumpkin. Bring your best scary faced pumpkin or most artistic masterpiece and win 1st place!!


fall-fotosPetting Zoo:  Vendor Animals.  We will have a petting zoo set up for the big and little kids to see made up from all the animals that our vendors have on their farms. Alpacas, Goats, Chickens, ducks, and more!

Fun for Kids:   We will also have some fun games and special items just for kids, of all ages, available.  There will be: Bobbing for Apples, Pumpkin Ring Toss,  Pumpkin painting station, Face Painting

Fall Fotos:  by SVM Photography.  Come out and get your minis photographed for some high quality fall pictures!  

Live Music:  From 11am to 1pm with Topper Harley and the Washouts

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