Jammin on Main Returns in 2017

Jammin’ on Main is Back!

Downtown Richmond Association is happy to present our fifth year of our FREE Concert Music Series to Downtown Richmond KY.  The first three years as Family, Fun & Fitness, then Third Thursday and two years as Jammin on Main.  Our revised schedule this years allows for more families to attend as we moved it to three Saturdays this Summer from 11am to 1pm.  As all of our events are family-friend, we invite children of all ages to attend, listen and dance along to the local bands.

Jammin on Main Community Picnic

In 2017, our Jammin on Main comes back with a twist as we have added Community Picnic to the event title, because we’ve reached out to all the Downtown Richmond restaurants, cafes, bakeries and sweet treat shops to put together a full list of Box Lunch Specials and Discounts for our Jammin on Main concert-goers.  So along with great FREE music by local bands playing on the Courthouse steps, you’ll have full access to delicious food at great prices by our Downtown eateries.  See the full list here:


So grab your box lunch, lawn chair and your friends & family, and relax on the lawn in front of the courthouse to listen to great music.

2017 Summer Schedule

Our Jammin on Main Community Picnic of Downtown Richmond KY, takes place on the following dates featuring the community’s favorite bands:

Jammin on Main & Downtown Richmond Farmers Market

Another bonus is that our concert series is now taking place during the Downtown Richmond Farmers Market, so you can shop as well for great homemade, handmade local food and crafts as well as fruits, vegetables, herbs and meats produced from local Kentucky farms. Here are ten reasons why you should support your local farmers markets:

  1. Buying Locally
  2. Buying from your local farmer allows you to support local agriculture.
  3. Cheaper Organic Fruits & Veggies
  4. Supporting Your Local Economy & Farmers
  5. Eat Seasonally
  6. Safer Foods
  7. Fresher Fruits & Veggies
  8. Great Variety
  9. Better Taste
  10. Protect your environment and human treatment of animals.


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