Downtown Richmond Fire: Lives Saved, Community comes Together

On July 8, 2014 fire broke out on the 200 block of West Main Street in Downtown Richmond.  In the midst of tragedy, we saw the heroic efforts of our fire department, as well as the community coming together to help those affected.


Read more at these Richmond Register articles:

Kristen Purdy of Purdy’s Coffee Company offers water to firefighters who battled Tuesday’s downtown fire. “

Firefighters rescued two people from an apartment in the restaurant building and quickly extinguished the flames that consumed the wooden deck.”

July 8th | Couple Rescued from Downtown Fire:  CLICK HERE TO READ

July 9th | Long-Time Family Businesses prospering on Water Street:  CLICK HERE TO READ

July 10th | Firefighters credited with Saving Lives, Limited Damage:  CLICK HERE TO READ

July 14th | Status of Fire-Affected Buildings Upgraded:  CLICK HERE TO READ


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